The Translocator has been around since the first days of the Tournament and is a popular way of reaching those out-of-reach places the normal Double-Jump can’t get you to. It also has a controversial nature, stemming from the fact that you can use it for very rapid travel. Some people just don’t like that. Actually, many believe that the restriction that was placed on the Translocator in UT2003 was a way to limit translocator abuse, in that it would prevent you from “zipping” around the map like a mad man. That didn’t stop the trend, but it has put some caps on it, especially in BR. Apart from that, the Translocator is the one we all know and love (and maybe hate).

For those of you who don’t know it, you throw a disc then teleport to it. Simple as that. Or is it? Now, the Translocator has what I would classify as a Third Fire Mode and will call “Translocator Camera”. That and the Secondary Fire Mode are special functions and as such have no statistics or tactics of their own.

Translocator – Primary Fire Mode

It fires a Translocator (the little disc you can teleport to, not the weapon itself) in a very long arc, leaving visible, team-colored trail. The Translocator will bounce around the terrain until it comes to rest, at which point it will display a visible light of your team’s color. That means it’s operational. If it doesn’t have a light on, then it’s broken and not safe to teleport to. Once you have launched a Translocator, a second click of the Primary Fire button will recall it so you can fire it again. Similarly, walking over your own Translocator will also cause you to pick it up. Additionally, if you launch your Translocator in any of the map’s traps, it will be automatically recalled. Once picked up or recalled, you can fire another Translocator.

Damage vs. People: terminal*
Damage vs. Vehicles: N/A
Rate of Fire: N/A**
Ammo per Shot: N/A per throw | 1 per use
Max. Ammo: 6
Recharge Time: 1/2,5s
Special Features: projectile; affected by gravity; team-safe; recharging; infinite fuse; bounces off everything; cannot be dropped; can be shot down***

*the projectile itself does no damage, but when you translocate, you will kill any enemy standing on the Translocator **You can throw it as many times as you want, but it will do you no good, and you can throw, translocate, repeat as fast as you can click while the ammo lasts. ***Enemy fire will not destroy a Translocator, but it will render it useless and you will die if you translocate to a broken Translocator.

Translocator – Secondary Fire Mode

It causes you to teleport to your Translocator if you have launched one. If not, it pals a buzz. You can teleport to your translocator at any point during its flight and at any time after it lands, until you recall it or pick it up. Each teleportation will use up one translocator, which will automatically regenerate over time. Once you use up all your ammo, you will not be allowed to fire Translocators until at least 1 ammo point is regenerated. Teleporting while carrying the flag will cause you to drop it. After shooting or passing the ball, your translocator count will be reduced to zero and the firs one that regenerates will not register, so in effect you have to wait for at least 2 to regenerate to be able to fire. Teleporting to Translocator with an enemy standing over it will kill that enemy. Teleporting to a broken Translocator will kill you.

Translocator Camera*

Once you have a Translocator in the field, pressing the “Translocator” button (the one that equips the weapon) will switch your perspective with a first person view of the Translocator itself. You can view the Translocator Camera for as long as you like and it will not use any ammo, but it will make you blind to your immediate surroundings. Take note that your controls will still work, so you character will turn to face the general direction you point the camera in and your movement controls will react accordingly. It’s not very useful, but it could make you walk over a cliff if you’re not careful.


The Translocator is used exclusively in CTF and BR. While you CAN use it in other Game Modes (via the “Enable Translocator” checkbox in game settings), it really isn’t all that useful and/or ruins the idea of the game. With that in mind, I will first explain why and where it is NOT used. And all in one paragraph, no less. It is not used in DM, because, well, you don’t have anywhere to go or any time to do it and switching your weapon AWAY is a BAD idea. The same goes for TDM. In DOM it makes strategic defence nearly impossible, and with it makes dominating nearly impossible (not that it can get much worse).

In AS, having a Translocator defeats the whole purpose of the Game Mode, which is to get from point A to point B and stay there a while. In ONS, transportation falls to the vehicles and teleportation is only allowed between friendly, non-threatened Nodes. That’s about it. Now in BR and CTF, the Translocator is not only useful, it a key strategic element. And for people who don’t like to use it for transportation, well, don’t play CTF or BR, ‘cause that’s how you’ll be moving half the time. Now, for CTF, Translocator locomotion (if I may say that) is very important. If you don’t know what I mean, that’s where you throw a Translocator somewhere far away, teleport to it, then throw another one from where you teleport even further away. Rinse, repeat. It’s a hell of a lot faster than running or dodge-jumping. Maps are large and you need a quick way to get around if you want to be effective.

Apart from that, the Translocator is useful for reaching high or inaccessible places, or getting through small openings (like a foxhole’s slit). Some places are so inaccessible (read: high up), that you can’t even shoot a Translocator to them. In such cases, you can do what is known as “Translocator climbing”. Just find a place within reach that you can stand on, shoot a Translocator there and teleport, then see if you can reach your destination. If it’s still out of reach, look for another good place to teleport to. A good example of this method is climbing the tower in CTF-FaceClassic (it can be done).

Also, the Translocator can be used as a “back door” into the enemy’s base. Just leave a Translocator in an inconspicuous place before you leave to return the flag or guard the carrier. When that’s been done, just teleport back behind enemy lines before the enemies has a chance to return to their base. I heave also heard it said that you can use the Translocator camera to keep an out on your base while you’re gone, but since you’ll be using it most of the time, that one bombs. In BR, the Translocator plays an even more vital role. All the world’s rockets and all the world’s flak cannot accomplish what one clever player with a Translocator can. Just teleport far ahead in the field, past the enemy team. Enemies will ignore you for the most part, in favour of the ball carrier, which will allow you to bypass the entire team.

Look for an elevated or clear and open spot and wait for a pass. With the enemy team behind you (instead of in front of you), RUN! If you get killed at any point, use “Translocator locomotion” to quickly get back into the action. Then pass it and keep going. And if you’re carrying the ball do not, I repeat do NOT attempt to shoot the ball far ahead and teleport after it, since it takes bloody ages for the Translocator to recharge after you pass or shoot. You can also do some weird things with the Translocator, like telefragging (teleporting to a Translocator while someone’s standing over it, causing him to explode into flaming gibs), but I wouldn’t recommend it. Sure it’s fun, but it’s also pointless and really hard to do.

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