Actually, that’s the InstaGib Shock Rifle, but the engine calls it a Super Shock Rifle everywhere you check, so that’s what I’ll call it too. So don’t be confused. Now, the Super Shock Rifle isn’t normally available in any level, unless someone intentionally puts it in his level, which I wouldn’t recommend. I wouldn’t because it was never meant to be used outside of InstaGib matches, so as a result it still has the UT2003 model while on the ground (even though the rifle has its UT2004 model while in your hands) and once you pick it up, you can’t drop it, not even when you die.

It replaces the standard Shock Rifle for good or until you die. It’s also stuck on 1 ammo unit left which it never uses up. All in all, it’s a bad idea to have a Super Shock Rifle outside an InstaGib match. That said, the legitimate way to have it is to use either the InstaGib, or the Zoom InstaGib Mutator, which is basically the same as an Arena Mutator, with Super Shock Rifles and some more stuff. I won’t go into detail. However, depending on the Mutator, the Secondary Fire Mode may vary.

Super Shock Rifle – Primary Fire Mode

It fires a team-colored beam like that of the regular Shock Rifle, but wider and more visible. It also kills any player in a single hit, regardless of health. Um… that’s it. Just learn to aim, I guess.

Damage vs. People: terminal
Damage vs. Vehicles: 50
Rate of Fire: 10/10s
Ammo per Shot: N/A
Max. Ammo: 1
Recharge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; beam; pinpoint accuracy, infinite ammo*; mutator-only weapon**; cannot be dropped; one hit kill

*It actually only has 1 ammo unit, but it doesn’t use any ammo to shoot. **It’s only available through one of two Mutators (normally).

Super Shock Rifle – Secondary Fire Mode

If you chose the Zoom InstaGib Mutator, your Secondary Fire Mode is a sniper zoom, identical to that of just about every other weapon with a sniper zoom. If you choose (just) InstaGib, then your Secondary Fire Mode will be an exact duplicate of your primary fire mode. That rule applies in the case you play a map with a Super Shock Rifle pick-up, or if you summon one from the console.


Well, it can’t really do much more than gib people with direct fire. Its ROF is much slower than that of the regular Shock Rifle, so you’ll need to work on your aim quite a bit. And that’s about it. There’s not much thinking involved, just a lot of jumping and missing. It really shows who can aim and who can’t. If you have any tactics, do drop me a line and tell me so.

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