Shock RifleThe good old shock rifle makes a glorious come back as… itself. Really, this weapon is exactly like it has been in every other Unreal Tournament game. However, 2003 veterans will notice that the UT like model has been redesigned and turned fat and purple. I say it’s for the best, since it’s more detailed and it’s not ugly. But, you can still switch back to the old model under the “Weapons” tab in the “Options” menu.

More importantly, this weapon is capable of performing the all-around feared Shock Combo, which I will treat as a separate fire mode, since it has its own statistics and strategies. An interesting thing to know is that people and air vehicles you hit with the Shock Rifle (except the Shock Combo) will be covered by purple electricity for a second.

Shock Rifle – Primary Fire Mode

The weapon fires a blue beam forward with pinpoint accuracy. It will push people back, kill light vehicle’s forward speed and throw air vehicles around. Also, if the photon beam hits a Shock Rifle’s Secondary Fire plasma ball, it will initiate a Shock Combo. Remember that. That’s about all there is to it.

Damage vs. People: 45
Damage vs. Vehicles: 40
Rate of Fire: 20/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 50
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; beam; pinpoint accuracy; knockback; can initiate Shock Combo;


In a veteran’s hands, the Photon Beam of the Shock rifle can be a deadly weapon. It has great range, good damage and good ROF. If you’re accurate enough to hit more than half the time, this is the weapon for you, since just 3 shots will bring down a regular enemy. If you’re not accurate enough, use something with a scope. However, even elite players should avoid using the Primary Fire Mode when up close, since it’s really hard to aim it and dodge at the same time. You MAY be able to hit in that situation, but you’ll be hit a lot yourself. However, if you act quickly enough, you may be able to back up and keep going and firing. Then, you can keep your enemy from closing in, since the photon beam will keep pushing him backwards and killing his jumps. That way you can keep him at bay and he won’t be able to fight back unless he has a long range weapon of his own. If he does, it becomes a slugging match, and if he’s better – back up and try another approach.

Another way to use the knockback effect is to push people off narrow ledges or over the edge and into lava/acid/abyss. That’s even more fun (and useful) when you push the ball/flag carrier over the edge. When used against light vehicles, it will halt their forward movement, possibly saving your life. But it doesn’t do much damage and it’s somewhat hard to hit fast moving vehicles with the photon beam, so avoid using it at close range. Keep in mind that while a shot stops a vehicle, it doesn’t stop its cannons and it can still gun you down. A good thing to know is that the Shock Rifle’s photon beam is among the few handheld weapons that are effective against Raptors. Also, for some reason, the photon beam is very good at destroying objectives in AS.

Shock Rifle – Secondary Fire Mode

It fires a slow-moving, medium-sized blue plasma ball which explodes on contact. It too will push people back, kill light vehicle’s forward speed and throw air vehicles around. Also, if the photon beam hits a Shock Rifle’s Secondary Fire plasma ball, a Shock Combo will occur. Remember that too. That’s all there is to it.

Damage vs. People: 40
Damage vs. Vehicles: 45
Rate of Fire: 20/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 50
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; knockback; detonates upon impact; unlimited fuse; splash damage; can be shot down*; needed to execute Shock Combo

*It can, but only by someone else’s Shock Rifle’s Primary Fire. It will result in a Shock Combo.


While not as versatile as the photon beam, the plasma ball is nevertheless very useful, and not just because it’s needed for the Shock Combo. It does a job the photon beam is not very good for, namely – close quarters combat. The plasma balls are very slow, which allows you to have several of them onscreen at a time. That, together with their size and their splash damage means they’re hard to avoid. And even those players who manage to avoid them have a really hard time aiming. Besides, with these you don’t have to be very accurate. Just launch a bunch of balls in your enemy’s general direction and at least a few will hit in most cases. And try not to blow yourself up while you’re at it.

Shock Combo

Produced by shooting a plasma ball (your own or someone else’s) with the photon beam. It is a massive and very damaging blue explosion. It has incredibly strong knockback, throwing players across the room and flipping vehicles. It also consumes 5 ammo units, despite the fact that both the ingredients for the Shock Combo only consume 1 each. Also, you can shoot other players’ plasma balls (and they can shoot yours) with the photon beam, thereby performing Shock Combo. However, it takes a good shot to execute on the move.

Damage vs. People: 200*
Damage vs. Vehicles: 200
Rate of Fire: 1/1s
Ammo per Shot: 1 + 4**
Max. Ammo: 50
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: special; powerful knockback; splash damage

*I have been unable to playtest this statistic, although I’m almost perfectly certain it’s true. That’s the damage the Shock Combo does to vehicles. **1 ammo unit for the shock ball + 4 ammo units for the photon beam, even though it normally uses only 1.


OK, the primary use for the Sock Combo is the one you’ve seen (and if you haven’t, you will see) a LOT of players use. Just fire a shock ball towards your enemy and detonate it with the photon beam when it’s near him. The thing most people will do is just stand in place and not move their crosshair, so as to assure a hit on the plasma ball. However, that will make it very easy for your enemy to kill you before you even have a chance to perform the Shock Combo. Additionally, players who dodge to the side are effectively out of range of the splash damage and perfectly safe. Not even firing more balls will change things, since you’re restricted to shooting the last ball you fired.

What you really want to do is move while firing plasma balls, preferably in a spread-shot pattern. Then, when the balls reach your enemy, shoot the one that is closest to him – you have more plasma balls to choose from and thus a greater chance of dealing serious damage. Additionally, while you’re moving you’re much harder to hit, so most players won’t have the time to aim well. Nevertheless, keep running since even a bad shot can still kill you. However, that tactic requires very good aiming and some practice to pull off right, since plasma ball are a little hard to hit. So go work on your aiming.

The Shock Combo’s awesome splash damage also makes it possible to shoot “around” corners. Well, not really, but you can still kill people on the other side. When you’re sure there’s someone around a corner, fire a plasma ball, then detonate it just as it passes the corner. Anyone standing on the other side will suffer serious damage. Most people will run the other way, but some will wait for the explosions to stop and then come out, guns blazing. Either run or fire more Shock Combos. That tactic also works on AS, where a lot of enemy players are camping on the other side of a corner or door. Detonate a few Shock Combos near the door or corner to shake them up, then storm the place with the rest of team. Finally, a good use for the Shock Combo is, when someone’s chasing you, turn a corner and fire a Shock Combo “around” it while running backwards. Everything for the “shoot around corners” tactic works here as well.

Shock Rifle AmmoAmmo: Looks like blue rod. It gives 10 ammo points.

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