The old shield gun that replaced the Impact Hammer a long time ago is still here and it’s still the same. For those not familiar with it, it’s a small green gun, which can be used for an awesome melee attack, or used to protect yourself from damage. For a time.

Shield Gun – Primary Fire Mode

It’s a chargeable melee attack that does enormous damage when fully charged. Hold down Primary Fire to charge the weapon, release to fire. Note that the weapon will fire automatically once you’re within range of a valid target (it won’t auto-gib team-mates). Just charge the gun, charge at the enemy and let them have it. Not much else to say. Also you start with it. I will hence forth refer to the Shield Gun’s Primary Fire Mode as the “impact hammer” in memory of the good old times and for ease of reference.

Primary Fire Mode Damage vs. People: 40 single tap | 150 fully charged
Damage vs. Vehicles: 40 single tap | 150 fully charged
Rate of Fire: 1/1s single tap | chargeable
Ammo per Shot: N/A*
Max. Ammo: N/A*
Charge Time: 2s
Special Features: instant hit; melee range; knockback; chargeable shot; uses separate ammo; backfire**

*The weapon has ammo, but Primary Fire does not use any of it. **If you release it against a wall or the floor, you will injure and knockback yourself


It’s mostly worth using the impact hammer if you have nothing else available, or you just spawned and all you have is this and the Assault Rifle. In that situation, and if someone’s close enough, you can chase him down with Dodge-Jumps and splatter him against a wall. However, people will panic and concentrate fire on you once they hear the distinctive sound of the Shield Gun charging, so be careful. The impact hammer is also good against lightly armoured or damaged vehicles (with few health points) if you have nothing better on hand and you can get the drop on the driver and gunners. However, that rarely happens, and weapons are plentiful in ONS, so reserve the impact hammer for REALLY desperate situations.

The impact hammer is also good for setting up ambushes. If you know the flag/ball carrier will pass through a narrow hallway, wait at the other end with a charged Shield Gun. Once they get in, there’s no place to run. However, the Flak Cannon is better at this. A very good use for the impact hammer is in AS, where the enemy needs to stand on a certain objective for a certain amount of time. Rush him with a charged Shield Gun and watch the gibs fly, since he won’t want to leave the objective. If he does leave it, that’s all the better for you, since he’s not working on it. Either chase him down and splatter him if there’s little room, or change to a better weapon. In this scenario you’ll want to choose the Shield Gun even if you have better weapons, since you need an instant kill and few weapons can do that effectively.

Also, you can use the impact hammer to boost your jumps (though it will hurt you). Simply charge the Shield Gun fully, aim at your feet, release and THEN hit jump (you need to push yourself against the floor). That will get you to otherwise inaccessible places, but you need peace and quiet to do it.

Shield Gun – Secondary Fire Mode

It’s a shield that protects you from damage. It consumes 15 ammo points upon activation and then drains ammo at a speed of 1 point per second. Additionally, it consumes 1 ammo point per 2 damage points sustained. However, it won’t stop more that 20 points from a single hit so stronger weapons will break through the shield and still hurt you for, but 20 points less. When the ammo runs out, the shield deactivates and you must wait for it to recharge. It would be a good idea to wait until it’s fully recharged, since it spends ammo like crazy, so there’s almost no point in using it unless it’s full. Also, you have to be facing the attacker you’re trying do defend against. Remember, the shield will not cover your back and sides and it will subtract a maximum of 20 points of damage from every hit. Keep that in mind. Something worth mentioning is that the shield will be green for the normal skin of your model, and it will take on the color of your team when you join one.

Secondary Fire Mode Damage vs. People: N/A
Damage vs. Vehicles: N/A
Rate of Fire: continuous
Ammo per Shot: 15 + 1/1s when active
Max. Ammo: 100 recharges
Recharge time: 100/15s
Special Features: does no damage; damage absorption; recharging; continuous; uses separate ammo


First off, while the shield of the Shield Gun provides SOME protection, it is not much. While it will stop bullets and some other weak projectiles, rockets, bombs and other heavy projectiles will still hurt you bad. Don’t rely on it to actually protect you from damage as the most it can do is buy you time – time to get away, time to get health, time to run through a dangerous area, that kind of time. A good time to use the shield is if you have nothing else left and you want to live long enough to find some better weapons. Also a good use for the shield is to defend the ball/flag carrier by taking shots that were meant for him. However, that’s wasteful, since even with the shield you can’t take THAT much damage and a few well-placed rockets will protect the carrier much better.

In AS you can use the shield when you need to run the gauntlet to reach an objective. Better yet, you can use it when you’re AT the objective, activating it. Since you can’t move in that time and therefore can’t evade enemy fire, the shield of the Shield Gun can buy you those extra few seconds you need to activate the objective. And there is one more thing the shield can help for – surviving falls. Even if you can avoid just 20 points of damage from the fall, it’s often enough to save your life. Few drops can take more than 100 life, so if you can manage it, pull out the Shield Gun, point it DIRECTLY down and activate the shield as you’re about to hit the ground.

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