Rocket LauncherTHE Unreal trademark, the multi-barreled Rocket Launcher needs no introduction. With 3 barrels and red all over, it’s still as bad and nasty as it ever was, and it’s still a favorite of many players.

Rocket Launcher – Primary Fire Mode

It fires single rockets as fast as the barrels can spin. Rockets are unaffected by gravity and will fly in a linear path until they contact players, vehicles or walls, at which point they will explode and deal splash damage. The Rocket Launcher will lock on a target if you can keep the crosshair on or close to the target for 2 seconds. It will beep to signal a lock on. The rocket launcher will lose lock if you move the crosshair away from the target, or the target disappears behind world geometry. After that, you will need another 2 full seconds to acquire lock all over again.

Rockets will home in only if launched while locked and will not lose lock even if the rocket launcher does. Also, firing a single rocket while locked on will cause you to lose lock. Also, whenever someone gets a lock on you, you will hear the same distinctive beep as a warning. Finally, the Rocket Launcher has a limited range at which it can lock on. I can’t measure it, so you’ll have to find out exactly how limited yourself.

Damage vs. People: 90
Damage vs. Vehicles: 90
Rate of Fire: 12/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 30
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; knockback; detonates upon contact; unlimited fuse; homing*; can lock on to enemy players and enemy occupied vehicle; limited turning curve; splash damage

*It takes 2 seconds for the Rocket Launcher to acquire target and lock on. Crosshair will change color and beep will play upon locking on target.


Now, the Primary Fire of the Rocket Launcher (or the single rocket) is only really suited for close quarter battles and those weird medium range in-your-face shots that happen every once in a while. Also, make note that the rockets are relatively slow, so you’ll need to lead by quite a bit. At short range, you need to do several things. Most obviously, you need to learn to aim and lead, but that’s all about practice. Always aim at the enemy’s feet. A direct hit is a rare occurrence, so you’ll be relying on splash damage most of the time (if it seems obvious, keep in mind that it’s NOT). Secondly, you need to learn to move around a lot. I’m talking Jumping, Double-Jumping, Dodge-Jumping, Wall-Jumping, the works. The Primary Fire has a high enough ROF to make aiming it easy, even on the move. The Double-Jump in particular deserves special mention, because it gets you pretty high above the ground and aiming the Rocket Launcher is that much easier from up high. Finally, beware the splash damage.

The Rocket Launcher is THE single most notorious way to blow one’s self up and more people kill themselves with rockets than with all the other weapons combined. Using single rockets at medium range is sometimes successful, but rarely effective. It takes too much forward planning and even then the enemy can often get out of the way. And even if you do hit at that range, a single rocket will still do little damage. Using single rockets at long range is NOT recommended. Even if you do manage to score a hit, you will need a LOT of time just lock on again, fire another rocket and wait for it to hit. Finally, using single rockets against light vehicles does work, since you can blow up the driver, but avoid using them against tanks. Also, do NOT attempt to get a lock on Raptors and fire at them. Almost all direct hit weapons are better.

Rocket Launcher – Secondary Fire Mode

It loads up one rocket into each of the three barrels, then launches them simultaneously in a horizontal flat line – I will call this “line triple rockets”. Additionally, if you press the Primary Fire button while just before firing the rockets, they will follow a corkscrew path – I will call this “corkscrew triple rockets”. Also, you can release the Secondary Fire key at any point during loading and this will fire however may rockets were loaded at the time. Rocket’s will auto-fire once all 3 have been loaded – you can’t carry around a fully loaded Rocket Launcher. Also, all locking rules that were stated for the Primary Fire Mode also apply to the Secondary Fire Mode. Additionally, the Rocket Launcher will acquire lock even while it’s loading up rockets (which has not been the case for all UT games).

Damage vs. People: 90 single tap | 3×90 fully charged
Damage vs. Vehicles: 90 single tap | 3×90 fully charged
Rate of Fire: 10/10s single tap | chargeable
Ammo per Shot: 1 single tap | 3 fully charged
Max. Ammo: 30 Charge Time: 2,5s
Special Features: projectile; knockback; detonates upon contact; unlimited fuse; homing*; can lock on to enemy players and enemy occupied vehicle; limited turning curve; chargeable; splash damage

*It takes 2 seconds for the Rocket Launcher to acquire target and lock on. Crosshair will change color and beep will play upon locking on target.


The triple (or double) rockets in either form are good at any range, as well as against vehicles. But the way rockets are loaded deserves a few words. It is split evenly into three periods, each loading another rocket. What’s weird in this case is that approximately a third of the time is spent loading the first rocket. That can lead to you waiting and still firing only one rocket instead of 2, which is a waste. Learn when each rocket is loaded and act accordingly. At short range the triple rockets behave much like the single rocket, only they require more skill, since you’ll be firing fewer times and thus have fewer chances to hit. The massive damage is alluring, but if you can’t hit, it’s pointless.

Additionally, it’s even more important here that you fire from high jumps, since you can time it so that you fire all your shots from the air, thereby vastly increasing your chance to hit. In this situation it is usually recommended that you use line triple rockets, since they cover more ground and won’t spread much at short range. At medium range it’s recommended that you use corkscrew triple rockets, since line triple rockets will spread too much. It takes some guesswork, but most people are fairly predictable, so try to anticipate your opponent’s movements and fire your rockets. You may not hit very close to the target, but three rockets deal a LOT of damage and quite a bit of splash damage, too. That should make it easier to kill at medium range. At long range, always lock on before you fire.

Remember to start charging the weapon a little after you point your crosshair. If you do it right, you should acquire lock about half a second before your rockets auto-fire. Also, it is better that you use corkscrew rockets here as well, because otherwise some rockets will have to make a big turn and will usually lose lock. Also, beware of snipers. They can take you out before your rockets even reach them. Your best bet is to strafe and jump for a few seconds to acquire lock, then fire and get out of sight.

Finally, triple rockets work quite well against light vehicles. If you do it right, you can kill the driver in one shot. If you don’t, you’ll still knock the vehicle back or to the sides, which is disorientating and will usually cause people to stop. That’s a perfect opportunity to fire a single rocket at the driver – that will usually kill him. Against heavy vehicle, try to find a place to hide from the vehicle’s fire, then pop out and fire triple corkscrew rockets at the vehicle. Alternatively, wait a bit longer before popping out, so that the driver looks the other way, then come out and lock on. It deals massive damage, even if it takes some time to charge up. Still, and AVRiL is better in this situation.

Rocket AmmoAmmo: It looks like a grey and red box. It gives 9 ammo points.

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