Link GunThe Link Gun makes its third appearance in an Unreal Tournament game, this time with an all new model, although you can still switch back to the UT2003 version. Now, it looks more round and more solid and it has a hose that changes color depending on the situation. Hated by many and loved by many, now it will be loved by all, since it can now build and repair stuff, making it one of the most valuable weapons for Onslaught. Also, people and air vehicles you hit with either Fire Mode of the Link Gun will be covered in green lightning for a second and people you kill will turn into skeletons.

Link Gun – Primary Fire Mode

It fires green fireball-like (no better way of describing it) plasma projectiles in rapid succession that travel at a moderate speed. Also their damage is not all that good and it’s hard to hit a fast enemy with them. That, along with its lack of versatility, makes this Fire Mode only a complement to the Secondary Fire Mode. But it still has its uses.

Damage vs. People: 30
Damage vs. Vehicles: 20
Rate of Fire: 120/10s
Ammo per Shot: 2
Max. Ammo: 220
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; detonates upon impact; unlimited fuse


Well, the plasma projectiles move too slowly to hit anything at any range, unless it’s stationary. However, if you have nothing better, it can at least HIT at long range. Still, there is a good way to use the plasma projectiles at medium range. Fire a whole lot of them in a spread-shot pattern at waist level. I’m talking at least 30 projectiles. The projectiles are actually pretty fast and they will leave little chance of dodging them. In most cases you’ll need to fire a lot more than that to actually kill someone, but it’s doable if all goes well. The only problem is that the projectiles make it a little hard to see, so you’ll have to guess where the enemy is and what he’s doing a bit. Also, avoid shooting at anything other than people, since the plasma projectiles are not good for anything else.

Link Gun – Secondary Fire Mode

The Secondary Fire Mode, which I call “link beam” is much more useful than the Primary Fire Mode. It’s actually THE weapon that makes a good ONS team tick. It deals good enough damage as it is, but it’s the ability to link and repair that make the link beam really shine. If one of your team-mates has a Link Gun equipped, (he will have a green triangle above his head), you can hit him with the link beam. All of his Link Gun output will be boosted by 2.5 – more than the combined power of yours and his Link Guns put together. Also, his Link Gun fire will change color to yellow, when not repairing. It will stay that way as long as you stay linked. You will not use any ammo just for staying linked, but when he fires your ammo will be depleted as though you are firing.

There is no limit to the number of people that can link to each other and all the boost will go to the last person on the chain. The Link Gun can also repair Vehicles and Power Nodes by firing on them with the link beam. While you’re repairing, your Link Gun fire will change to your team’s color. The Link Gun will heal allied Nodes and Vehicles for 3 health points per 1 ammo unit used, at the speed of consumption of the regular link beam. It will also knock back both people and vehicles. (thanks to Brayden McLean)

Damage vs. People: 900/10s*
Damage vs. Vehicles: 550/10s
Rate of Fire: 100 ammo / 10s
Ammo per Shot: continuous
Max. Ammo: 220
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; beam; pinpoint accuracy; knockback; team-safe; can link; can repair;

*I’ve calculated that, since I couldn’t keep anyone alive that long.


OK, this is a multi-purpose gun (at least the link beam is), and it’s also at the core of ONS, so expect a LOT of tactics for it. First, it has a lot of potential in DM, since the link beam is a very effective weapon if you can aim it well enough. It deals massive damage if you can keep it on target for a few seconds. However, it has extremely SHORT RANGE. Remember that, damn it! For a bit of fun, you can also try to catch someone from below and fire the link beam. It will almost kill his downward velocity and if you do it right, you can keep him in the air indefinitely. It also seems to knockback vehicles, but only very slightly. You can’t even notice it.

For that reason, using the link beam to knock vehicles simply doesn’t work. However, it’s team games where the link beam really shines. If you have team mates with Link Guns around you, always link to them, rather than fire alongside them, since that will do more damage than the combined damage of your separate Link Guns. In ONS, whenever you see someone repairing something, link to him. That will do the job much faster and will save a lot of ammunition. Always repair vehicles before you enter them. If they still belong to the enemy, hijack them, exit and repair.

If you happen to be around damaged allied vehicles, repair them, even in the heat of battle. Vehicles can do more damage than you can on foot. Well, most of the time. When attacking a Node, don’t use the Link Gun – you’ll need it to build your own Node in a while. Whenever you get to a white Node, don’t go to the ammo locker immediately. Start the Node, use all of your Link Gun ammo, THEN take more from the locker and finish the job.

Remember, ammo lockers will only fill your weapons to a certain level, regardless of the ammo you have. You CAN NOT heal your own Power Core. So stop trying, damn it! It gives you a nice big text message and an annoying beep. Pay attention. Also, the link beam is a good way to shoot down Redeemer missiles and AVRiL missiles the happen to fly in your direction.

Link Gun AmmoAmmo: It looks like a green battery. It gives 50 ammo points.

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