Lightning RifleThat’s the gun that was supposed to replace the “cheap” sniper rifle in the original UT. It was to shoot slower and make it easier to spot the sniper. The change was supposed to put a lid on camping while still keeping sniping as an opportunity. However, people complained, so the Classic Sniper Rifle was reintroduced back in 2004. But make no mistake – It does NOT replace the Lightning Gun. As for the Lightning Gun itself, it’s a makeshift sniper rifle, with a 10x scope. It has more punch than the Classic Sniper Rifle, but it’s easier to track down the sniper. Also, this weapon’s Secondary Fire Mode is a special function – namely the scope – and as such does not have any statistics or tactics of its own.

Lightning Gun – Primary Fire Mode

Like the name says – it fires a blue bolt of lightning with pinpoint accuracy. The blue lightning kind of stands out. Also, this weapon is capable of scoring a headshot for double damage. Also, people and air vehicles you shoot will be covered in light-blue lightning for a second. Well, it’s a very simple weapon really. Can’t say I have anything more to add.

Damage vs. People: 70 torso | 140 headshot
Damage vs. Vehicles: 40
Rate of Fire: 8/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 40
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; beam; pinpoint accuracy; headshot; scoped

Lightning Gun – Secondary Fire Mode

It operates the scope zoom. Hold down to zoom in gradually and release when the zoom level is comfortable. Once zoomed in, press again to zoom out all the way. Hold down again to re-zoom. Moving, jumping or falling will not affect your scope.


Well, whatever you call it, the Lightning Gun is a sniper rifle at heart, so all the rules of “sniping” (see section 5.2. ‘cause I won’t repeat them) still apply. That out of the way, I need to point something else out – this is NOT a Railgun (like in Q3), so don’t use it like one. For goodness sake, stop using it in close quarters combat while dodging and jumping (unless you’re REALLY good). Most people will pick on snipers at close range and you don’t want that kind of attention. That and the fact you’re not likely to hit at all in this situation makes this a medium-to-long range only weapon. You can, however, hit someone with it and then switch to another weapon. The Lightning Gun deals impressive damage and hits instantly, so it can help you a lot if you can land that first shot.

That said, the Lightning Gun is also not a good weapon to use in DM, since people running around with Flak Cannons and Rocket Launchers will usually get the most of the kills. And there are few DM maps that offer any really good sniping spots. Also, the lightning bolt is a dead giveaway and is very likely to attract some unwanted company. Now team games are a different story. For one, camping in team games is not considered cheap, bur rather just another kind of defence. Whenever there is something to defend (the goal, the flag, an objective) just find yourself a good sniping spot – somewhere far form whatever you’re defending (but not too far) and out of range of most weapons. Also, make sure it’s not directly in the path of your enemies or that you don’t have your back turned to a path of potential attack. Once you’ve found such a spot, just camp there and let the rest of your team go about their objectives.

Alternatively, the Lightning Gun can also be used for offence and in one of two ways. The first, and more obvious one, is to combat enemy snipers. Just wait until the enemy sniper starts shooting at your team, then pop out and shoot at him. Just make sure you know where he is when you do that. Look for either muzzle flash and smoke, or that telltale bolt of lightning. The second way is to actually give support to your team from a distance. Find yourself a sniping spot overlooking the objective and stay there. When the rest of your team approaches, try to snipe the defenders so that your team can get to the objective without having to engage in pointless firefights. But be warned: the enemy team will wise up to you sooner or later and come to look for you. And that weapon will just about “tell” everyone where you are. Don’t abuse those tactics or you might get people after you personally. And whatever you do, watch your fire – you can shoot your team-mates’ heads off just as easily as you can shoot of the enemies’ heads, maybe even easier.

Lightning AmmoAmmo: It’s yellow with 3 grey spikes that join at the top. It gives
10 ammo points.

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