Well, the Grenade Launcher is one of the new weapons in UT2004, and it has been introduced to balance out the issue of vehicles. It’s much more useful against vehicles than it is against people, though it can still be used, even if it’s very hard to do. Also, the intriguing way this weapon operates makes for some very amusing and creative strategies. It is recommended that people with strong beliefs against terrorism in video games do not read on. Also, the Secondary Fire Mode of this weapon is a utility, so it has no statistics, and tactics are given for both Fire Modes working together. For that same reason, expect a LOT of tactics.

Grenade Launcher – Primary Fire Mode

It fires sticky bombs in a long arc. They will stick to anything which moves, or bounce around the terrain until they come to a rest. They will remain there, until detonated in one of the abovementioned way. Sticky bombs will deal damage, regardless of which way they’re detonated. You can only have 8 sticky bombs in the field at any given time, and the current number is shown in the lower right corner. Remember, these bombs are not team-safe and WILL stick to team-mates and allied vehicles.

Damage vs. People: 100
Damage vs. Vehicles: 100
Rate of Fire: 2/1s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 50 | 8 active
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; knockback; bounces off walls; sticks to people and vehicles; detonates upon being triggered by operator, weapon loss or operator death; can be shot down; unlimited fuse; affected by gravity; splash damage

Grenade Launcher – Secondary Fire Mode

It triggers grenades to explode. Really, that’s all it does.


There are a lot of tactics with this weapon, even if they’re really variations of a few very basic ones. Also, this is one of the 3 weapons only found in ONS and AS, so the tactics here are mainly for that mode. Now, the most basic way to use the Grenade Launcher is to kill other people on foot. While you CAN do that, you really SHOULDN’T. The only way to score some real damage is to stick a bomb on your enemy, and that’s REALLY hard. You could also try launching a bomb at your enemy’s feet and detonating it when it’s close, but this weapon does not have good splash damage. What you really want to use this weapon against is vehicles. It does considerable damage per shot and even better if you can stick a few bombs. However, it’s insanely hard to hit fast vehicles in motion (and most vehicles ARE quite fast), so you’ll want to concentrate more on the bigger, heavier vehicles (read: tanks).

The good thing about sticky bombs is that you can stick as much as you want on a vehicle and the driver won’t even know it. So, the easy way to avoid being blown to flaming gibs is to get the drop on the driver. Stick 8 bombs, detonate and “hey presto”. Only one vehicle can survive it and it’s a rare sight. The bad thing is that the vehicle needs to have stopped for this to work. Tanks in particular only stop to either destroy a Node or guard one being built. If you can’t get the drop on a vehicle, you’re pretty much sunk, since you’ll need to stake out vehicle congregation sites, namely Nodes. Camp the approach to a Node, somewhere out of sight and try to stick grenades to passing vehicles. It doesn’t work very well and the AVRiL is better. Another good thing to you can do with the Grenade Launcher is destroy nodes. It is among the few handheld weapons which are really effective at that. Just stick 8 bombs on a Node, then detonate – repeat. It really works! You can also stick bombs on your own vehicle before you leave, just in case someone steals it, or you have to abandon it. Or you could just leave it at full health and blow up the next guy who gets in.

*The following strategies are of questionable ethics.*

A very imaginative way of using the grenade launcher is the infamous “suicide bomber”. Basically, you stick bombs on one of your own team-mates, then have him run towards a Node. Once he reaches the Node, detonate the bombs. It deals massive damage without you having to take the time to put the bombs one by one. Yes, your team-mate dies (unless Friendly Fire is off), but he dies for the cause. Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made.

A duplicate tactic is the not-so-well-known “car bomb” technique. Basically, it’s just the same as the suicide bomber, but you rig a vehicle, which someone (other than you) then drives to a Node. Tah-dah! Finally, for maximum damage, you can have a few of your terrorist friends also stick 8 bombs on your team-mate/vehicle. Just make sure ALL of you survive until the moment of truth. If even one dies, it all goes to hell. Update – I just found out that you can attach bombs to spider mines. However, bombs slow spider mines down quite a bit, so avoid sticking more than 1 bomb per mine. Even one bomb will slow down the spider mines to the point where they can’t catch anything but the slowest of vehicles, so your best bet is to use them for attacking Nodes or Cores. Fire 8 spider mines, stick a bomb to each and order them over a Node. When and if they get over the node, detonate the bombs. Simple, if they survive. Also, enemy fire and splash damage can detonate your bombs, so be careful when attaching bombs to vehicles you’re driving.

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