Flak CannonQ: What do you get, when you cross a shotgun and a cannon?
A: 1 Flak Cannon + spare parts. The good old Flak Cannon has changed little since the first tournament. It’s still mean, it’s still yellow, and it still kicks ass. Also, it still has that way cool loading mechanism.

Flak Cannon – Primary Fire Mode

The only reference to the Flak Cannon’s primary fire I could come up with was “flechette shot”, so that’s what I’m going to call it. It fires 9 ionized flechettes, shotgun style. Each of them deals damage separately upon impact. Flechettes will fly for as long as there is room and will not lose any of their power. Flechettes will also ricochet twice off walls and still retain their power after the first time. Also, flechettes are projectiles, so they take time to reach their target.

Damage vs. People: 9×13
Damage vs. Vehicles: 9×13
Rate of Fire: 15/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 35
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: multiple projectiles*; knockback; splash damage; detonates against players and vehicles**; bounces off walls; unlimited fuse***; affected by gravity***;

*It fires 9 ionized flechettes, each doing separate damage. **The flechettes don’t really explode, but they deal damage. ***The flechettes will fly for as long as there’s room, but they’ll fall and disappear after 1 or 2 ricochets.


Well, not much to say about the flechette shot. It spreads with distance, so use up close. Also, flechettes are projectiles and will fall slightly behind, so you need to lead target, but just by a bit. If your target is changing directions too fast, don’t switch sides but choose one side and lead to that side. Chances are, you’ll hit with every other shot. Also, as always at close range, learn to dodge a lot and aim well while doing it. You need to stay alive to kill, remember? Also, you can try bouncing the flechettes around corners, since they’ll ricochet once without loosing power. But keep in mind that flechettes will spread out, so only shoot around corners in narrow hallways. A thing to watch out for in that respect is shooting yourself.

Flechettes will ricochet against wall and hurt you if you’re in the way. So don’t do anything stupid. Also, you CAN use flechette shot against vehicles, but it requires you to be REALLY close for it to do decent damage, and getting close to vehicles will usually get you crushed. However, if you do find you CAN hug a vehicle and not die (a deployed Leviathan comes to mind), this is the weapon of choice, since flechettes have no splash damage and you won’t have to hurt yourself. Finally, flechettes are really good against Power Nodes. Just stand under the spinning Node icon and fire upwards, into it. That will usually get the whole flechette shot to hit and do massive damage.

Flak Cannon – Secondary Fire Mode

Secondary Fire launches a fragmentation grenade in a long arc. The explosion inflicts splash damage and launches a few flechettes that rarely ever hit and do little damage. The grenade itself, however, deals massive damage. It will also knock people in the air and further grenades can juggle them. Also, it has good range. Also, the grenade is rivet-shaped and has yellow smiley face painted on the cap.

Damage vs. People: 110 + flechettes
Damage vs. Vehicles: 145
Rate of Fire: 10/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 35
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; knockback; detonates upon contact; unlimited fuse; affected by gravity; splash damage


It’s what you use when your target is too far for the flechette shot to score good damage, or if your aim sucks. If you aim the Flak Cannon at about 45 degrees, the grenade will fly a LONG way, so you can safely use it at medium range if you can lead target well enough. Remember, at medium range a flechette shot will do pathetic damage, so either use the fragmentation grenade, or switch to another weapon. Alternatively, if you can’t aim the flechette shot well enough, you can use the fragmentation grenade instead, since it acts almost like a Rocket Launcher at close range. However, beware the splash damage – the bane of the unwary. You can easily blow yourself up, so don’t, Another use for the frag grenade is shaking pursuers.

When someone’s chasing you, turn a corner, turn around and fire a frag grenade beside the corner. It will usually hit your pursuer in the face. If it doesn’t, shoot another one then go back around the corner and feed him some flechettes. The frag grenade is better against vehicles than the flechette shot in that it does serious damage from medium range. However, it’s a little hard to aim at that range and vehicles will fire back, so I suggest you use something else, if anything is available. The flechette shot is better at attacking nodes, so don’t use the frag grenade for that.

Flak Cannon AmmoAmmo: It looks like a yellow box. It gives 10 ammo points.

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