People complained that the sniper rifle from the original UT was replaced with the Lightning Gun in UT2003. It is generally believed that this was done as a way to discourage people from camping and force them into a more active style of play. However, some people found this change unsettling and asked that the sniper rifle be reintroduced. A weapon called the Classic Sniper Rifle was introduced in UT2004 as an answer to those requests, but it was no longer the same thing.

Balancing issues meant that it could no longer have its former punch or ROF. It was drastically toned down, so as not to make the Lightning Gun pointless and not bring the same imbalance the sniper rifle did in the original UT. What we now have is a rifle that is slightly less powerful than the Lightning Gun, but is slightly faster and much less likely to give away the sniper’s position. But, it’s still a rifle with a sniper scope and you just can’t beat that. And yes, the secondary fire button is the zoom function so no statistics or tactics for it.

Classic Sniper Rifle – Primary Fire Mode

Well, it fires a bullet with pinpoint accuracy, capable of scoring a headshot for double damage. Each shot will produce a small puff of smoke in the center of your crosshair which is visible even when zoomed in. Consecutive puffs will stack and make it progressively harder to see.

Damage vs. People: 60 torso | 120 headshot
Damage vs. Vehicles: 35
Rate of Fire: 10/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 40
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; bullet; pinpoint accuracy; headshot; smoke*; scoped

*Each shot creates a small puff of smoke visible to the shooter.

Classic Sniper Rifle – Secondary Fire Mode

It operates the scope zoom. Hold down to zoom in gradually and release when the zoom level is comfortable. Once zoomed in, press again to zoom out all the way. Hold down again to re-zoom. Moving, jumping or falling will not affect your scope.


The most notable feature of the Classic Sniper Rifle is the smoke. You’ll notice it the very moment you open fire. After 3 or 4 shots you can barely see a thing. Now, there are a few ways around that. Literally. One is to alternate between a standing and crouching position between each two shots, so that by the time you stand back up, the smoke up there has almost cleared and when you duck back down, the smoke there has also almost cleared. The other way is to strafe left and right as you fire and so shoot “around the smoke. Just make sure you’re crouching when you do that, so as not to fall out of your sniping position. Apart from that, the Classic Sniper Rifle behaves exactly like the Lightning Gun, except for the fact that it’s much harder to locate where the sniper is. You don’t have that obvious blue beam, just a short flash and a puff of smoke. People can see it if they look, but then again, if they are looking, then hurry up and shoot them in the face.

Now, the Classic Sniper Rifle fires a bit faster and is more stealth, so that means you can use it for camping in DM with greater ease, should you choose to. And you can probably score a few frag before people realize you’re camping. But people with heavy weapons will still get more frags. You can also just hit someone with it and then switch to another weapon. The Classic Sniper Rifle deals impressive damage and hits instantly, so it can help you a lot if you can land that first shot. Additionally, when camping a good spot overlooking an objective, it will be much harder for the enemies to even realize you’re there, since your influence on the battle is not so obvious. And even once you have been discovered and killed, you can just wait a while and return to your spot and they will need even more time to come search for you again. Now, if you do the same thing all the time, you will get the same enemy team doing regular sweeps of your sniping positions just in case, and that’s a bad thing.

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