Bio-RifleThe dreaded green goo gun is back and it’s… just the same as it was EVERY OTHER unreal game. But hey, you can’t improve on perfection, right? Anyway, the Bio-Rifle is just a big pressurized jar of green toxic slime with a pump, a valve and a trigger. And it fires green slime. Um, did I miss anything? Oh, yes, everyone you hit will turn green for a second.

Bio-Rifle – Primary Fire Mode

Well, this weapon is a little hard to explain. Primary fire throws a green blob in a forward arc. When it hits the ground, it stays there for 3 seconds, or until someone steps on it, then pops like a bubble, dealing damage. It will pop immediately upon contacting a player, friend or foe. If you land a second blob on top of one already on the wall or floor, it will grow in size, and (I will call it for simplicity) in level. A blob can go up to level 5 max. If a sixth level 1 blob hits, the level 5 blob will burst, releasing anywhere from 1 to 4 level 1 blobs, including the 6th blob.

Depending on how they land, they may merge with each other. Apparently, level 6 and above blobs are unstable and will fragment upon reaching that level. Each level 1 blob deals 35 points of damage to both players and vehicles. Blob damage is multiplied by the blob’s level. Also, blob splash damage seems to be multiplied as well. Any level blobs will last as long as the last blob that entered them, but a nearby blob’s explosion will detonate it. Also, blobs of any level that land on a horizontal ceiling will drop down onto the floor and restart their fuse. If that’s more than you wanted to know, don’t worry, you won’t need to know it. Just fire the green slime and don’t think too much.

Damage vs. People: 35/lvl 1 blob*
Damage vs. Vehicles: 35/lvl 1 blob*
Rate of Fire: 40/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 40
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; knockback; sticks to walls and vehicles; detonates against players; 3 second fuse; projectiles merge; affected by gravity; splash damage *blob levels are explained in detail below


Well, it’s a slime gun, so try to slime you opponents. The primary fire mode has both high ROF and high damage, which allows you to fire in your enemy’s general direction and still land enough hits to make him vomit. Though that is fun, what you really want to do is get someone to chase you. That way you can aim a little in front of him and he’ll walk all over your slime, since he can either watch where he’s going or watch where he’s stepping. Few people can do both at the same time. For that same reason, avoid chasing people with the Bio-Rifle, because you’ll be walking on your own goo. Not good.

Alternatively, you can just get your enemy to start dodging and spray the place with green goo. He’s sure to walk over at least some of it. Or, just be creative. This weapon allows for it. Just be sure to be on the lookout for a better weapon while you’re at it.

Bio-Rifle – Secondary Fire Mode

Make ABSOLUTELY sure you read the description of the Primary Fire Mode and that you understand blob levels, since I’ll be using them here. A full charged shot consumes 10 ammo points and launches a big, level 10 blob. Since every blob over level 5 is unstable, this one fragment will releasing the maximum 6 or 7 level 1 blobs upon contact. Again, depending on how they land, they may merge upon landing.

A direct hit against a player “should” cause 350 damage, which is 1 point more than the maximal health + maximal armour any player can have. If you can hit a vehicle so that all blobs land back on it, it “should” cause 350 points of damage, but I have yet to see it happen. Also, the splash damage of a fully charged shot is insane and reaches much further out than you’d think. The big level 10 blob also seems to be heavier than the level 1 blobs.

Finally, if you release a shot before it is fully charged, it will launch a blob of a level, equal to the ammo that it consumed. A level 5 or below blob may not fragment upon contact.

Damage vs. People: 35 single tap / 350 fully charged*
Damage vs. Vehicles: 35 single tap / 350 fully charged*
Rate of Fire: 40/10s single tap | chargeable
Ammo per Shot: 1/single tap | 10 fully charged
Max. Ammo: 40 Charge Time: 2s – 10 ammo points
Special Features: projectile; knockback; chargeable shot; lvl 6-10 blobs fragment against walls and vehicles; lvl 1-5 blobs stick to walls and vehicles; detonates against players; 3 second fuse; projectiles merge; affected by gravity; splash damage

*I have calculated the maximum damage given here, but have been unable to play-test it, since no player has yet survived a direct, fully charged shot and blobs splatter too much against vehicles to get an accurate amount. If anyone has been able to play-test this properly, pleas drop me a line.


Well, given the insane damage, I’d say keep fully charged and try to shoot it in people’s faces. However, since the big blob travels so slowly, that’s trickier than it sounds and if you miss, you’ll likely not get the chance to charge another shot. In that case, better switch to another weapon. A good tactic for landing a shot easier is to either chase your enemy down a narrow hallway, or get him to chase you. Few players dodge when chasing or being chased and even those that do are shy about Dodge-Jumping to the sides in narrow hallways.

Your best bet is to choose a moment when he’s going in a straight line, either towards, or away from you, then fire a fully charged shot at face level. Be sure to immediately back up, lest you be caught in the splash damage, and THAT hurts. A lot. Or, you could aim at below waist level, so that if you miss, the blobs will land all around your opponent. If you keep firing more with the primary fire, you should create sufficient chaos to cause him to walk over the majority of the blobs. However, by aiming low, you’re taking the risk of an otherwise perfect shot falling short. Also, keep looking for better weapons all the time, since the Bio-Rifle is a little hard to use. But don’t switch immediately to weapons you pick up if you have a fully charged shot. Instead, wait for an enemy to come by, launch the blob, pull out the new weapon and take advantage of the slime field.

A charged blob is also very good at removing people from objectives. Just launch one at the objective – it’ll kill any player instantly, even through the shield of the Shield Gun. Either that, or you chase the enemy away from the objective and that’s good as well.

Bio-Rifle AmmoAmmo: Looks like pill-shaped green container. It gives 20 ammo points.

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