The AVRiL (note the lowercase “i”) is one of the weapons that dominate ONS. It deals massive damage and rarely ever misses. However, it’s not all-powerful and can be easily countered, so use it with caution. The name “AVRiL” stands for Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher. And, no, the “i” doesn’t stand for anything, it’s just there to put a vowel in the word and make it pronounceable. Also, the Secondary Fire Mode of this weapon is a special function and as such has no statistics. Furthermore, tactics will be given for when both Fire Modes are used together, since they were never meant to be used alone. Finally, since this is an ONS-only weapon (under normal circumstances), I will only give tactics for using it in ONS games.

AVRiL – Primary Fire Mode

It fires a single, slow-moving missile that leaves a THICK trail of smoke. It also pushes you backwards and a little upwards. If not locked on or if lock is lost, the missile will fly strait forward until it meets and obstacle and detonates. If locked, the missile will home in on the target. Lock can be acquired, lost and reacquired at any time and as many times as necessary. Whenever you acquire new lock, all missiles you have in the air will turn to home in on your new target.

The AVRiL missile is the only homing projectile in the game to have an unlimited turning curve. That means it will NEVER miss, unless the target goes out of sight, out of range, or until you die or your target is destroyed. Additionally, the missile will lead target, which means it will always hit on the first pass. Finally, a “Missile Lock” warning will appear for the player whose vehicle you’ve targeted as long as you keep your crosshair on him and have a missile flying. If you haven’t launched a missile, no warning will appear until you do. The warning will disappear if you remove your crosshair from your enemy and will reappear if you move it back over him.

Damage vs. People: 100
Damage vs. Vehicles: 200
Rate of Fire: 3/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 25
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: projectile; knockback*; detonates upon contact; unlimited fuse; homing; can lock on to enemy occupied vehicle; unlimited turning curve; requires lock to be maintained**; can be shot down; splash damage

*In addition to knocking opponents and vehicles back, the weapon has powerful recoil and will knock you back when you fore it. **You need to keep you crosshair on your target for the missile to home in.

AVRiL – Secondary Fire Mode

It’s just an easier way to keep a lock on those fast vehicles that keep changing directions too fast. Whenever you get a lock on an enemy vehicle, hold down the Secondary Fire Button and your view will be locked onto the vehicle and follow it wherever it goes. Also, your view will zoom a little for as long as it’s locked on. Your view will be unlocked if you release the Secondary Fire button of if your target goes out of sight, out of range or is destroyed. At that point your missiles will lose lock as well.


The AVRiL is only good against vehicles. ONLY. Never EVER use it against people. The missile is so slow, that people can easily just get out of the way. Additionally, the HUGE reload time means you can only fire one missile every few seconds. Don’t even bother. If someone confronts you, switch to another weapon. However, the AVRiL is one of the best weapons you can use against vehicles and just about the only hand-held weapon that can take down Raptors with any consistency. However, the telltale “Missile Lock” warning can strike fear into the hearts of the bravest of drivers and pilots. But there is a way around it. Just fire the missile in your target’s general direction, but don’t lock on. When the missile’s close enough, THEN lock on. That’ll give your enemy a “Missile Lock” warning, but it will be too late. This is something best used against tanks and turrets. Actually, I will give explanations on how to combat individual vehicles, since that’s about all that weapon can do. Forgive me if I have given too much tactics, but this is a very versatile weapon.

Vs Manta: Pretty simple to use against a Manta, provided you see it coming. Just acquire lock and fire a missile. Mantas usually die in a single hit. Keep in mind that it takes some time to do that, so if the Manta is too close, dodge it first, then turn around and fire. Always use the Secondary Fire Mode against Mantas, since they’re really hard to follow.

Vs Scorpion: Almost exactly the same as with the Manta, only a brand new Scorpion needs two missiles to destroy. However, scorpions move much more slowly than Mantas and have a harder time turning, so staying out of its way shouldn’t be a problem. If push comes to shove, Double-Jump over it. Also, if you fire a missile high into the air with no lock, then target a Scorpion on the ground in such a way that the missile hits it directly from above, you can kill the driver, even if you don’t destroy the Scorpion (thanks to Jason Cotton for that last one).

Vs Raptor: This is a little more complicated. Raptors need 2 hits to take down and they can also quickly hide out of sight and avoid your missiles. Additionally, Raptors can kill you before you kill them if they approach you and keep firing. Generally, avoid fighting Raptors on foot if they’re in your face, since they can destroy the missile just as you fire it if they fire continuously. Your best bet is to be on the lookout for them and try to fight them in the open ground. Alternatively, you should try to be somewhere higher up, so as to leave the Raptor fewer good places to hide from your missiles. If a Raptor does hide, try to guess where it’ll pop up next, shoot a missile high in the air and wait. Once the Raptor shows up, lock on. That way the missile will have less to travel. However, your best bet is to get a Raptor by surprise. Just hide somewhere long enough for it to start shooting at your node, or pick on one of your team-mates, then come out and let it have it.

Vs Hellbender: Not recommended, since it takes three missile to take it down and that’s if you’re lucky. If it’s fully manned, you’re in trouble, since the gunners will usually kill you before you can kill the Hellbender. Just hide somewhere out of sight and wait for it to pass you by and drive away. Then pop out and fire a missile from afar. If the Hellbender stops, it’s going to snipe you. Hide and wait. If it tries to ferret you out of hiding, switch to either Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher and aim at the driver. The Hellbender can’t maneuver well when it’s close, so you’re safe.

Vs Goliath: Trouble. Big. Don’t even aim at that thing unless you have a good hiding place. Don’t even think about charging at a tank and firing missiles. The tank will usually kill you and destroy the missile. Instead, hide and wait for the tank to pass you by. Then pop out and fire a missile at it. Keep firing until you get a reply. If the turret turns to face you, HIDE. If it’s still pointing at you when pop out next, either wait until the driver gets sick of waiting, or find another place to pop out. Also, here is a good place to use the “no warning” tactic, so that you give tanks less time to see it coming and react.

Vs Leviathan: Well… Do what you would for the Goliath, only do it longer. A LOT longer. It’s actually even easier to do it, because Leviathans have an aura of chaos whenever they do anything and you have a better chance of remaining hidden. Also, the Leviathan is big, so you don’t have to guide your missiles to the end, just give them a general direction. If the Leviathan starts toying around with the Ion Cannon, just make sure you can’t see ground zero and you’ll be fine, even if it’s just around the corner. Also, if you have the opportunity to fire uninterrupted, then fire a missile and then switch to something else while the AVRiL reloads.

Vs Turret: Simple. Turrets will usually kill you if you just stand there, so hide somewhere out of sight. Then fire a missile into the clear, pop out, lock on for just a second and then hide again. The turret isn’t going anywhere. Now, you CAN use the AVRiL against Nodes and the Power Core, but it fires too slowly to make any real impact. You can try switching weapons while it’s reloading if you like, though. Also, beware of the recoil. It can shove you over cliffs and off towers, so be careful when you fire.

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