They couldn’t figure out a way to make the Assault Rifle useful, so they resorted to the Unreal classic – akimbo. And I have to admit, it worked beautifully. Assault Rifles Akimbo is one of the coolest weapons in the tournament, even if it’s not all that useful. And it brings back memories of the first days of the tournament when we were still learning to fire 2 handguns at once.

For those new to UT, this weapon is just the same as the Assault Rifle, only there are 2. Sadly, it’s not much more useful, but it is useful enough to actually be usable. Uh… something like that. And the difficulty of obtaining a second Assault Rifle means you won’t be seeing this weapon all that often. Anyway, this weapon being almost the same, I’ll only explain tactics that are unique to it, while all the tactics that were true for the Assault Rifle are still valid, unless I say otherwise.

Assault Rifles Akimbo – Primary Fire Mode

Well, it’s just like the Primary Fire Mode of the single Assault Rifle, only with double the rate of fire. I say “only” but it’s actually a huge improvement as it approaches Minigun speed. Unfortunately, it’s sad, sad accuracy remains, but with that ROF, you don’t need to worry all that much. If you’re close enough to the enemy you’ll be putting enough bullets where it hurts to cause some serious discomfort. It also carries enough ammunition to remove the danger of running out.

Damage vs. People: 7
Damage vs. Vehicles: 4
Rate of Fire: 120/10s
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 400
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; bullet; spread accuracy; uses separate ammo


Well, basically do the same as you would for the single Assault Rifle, only this time around you have enough firepower to hold your ground. You no longer need to shy away from a fight, even with a “fat” enemy. Also, finishing someone off after hitting him with something big and explosive is much easier now and is, in fact, recommended. Well, provided you can switch weapons that fast. But even with all the improvements, it’s still just a temporary solution. Concentrate on finding something better, since even akimbo, the Assault Rifle is not good enough.

Assault Rifles Akimbo – Secondary Fire Mode

Well, here’s an unpleasant surprise: It’s just the same! Sure, it holds double the ammo, but so what? Oh, and both rifles take turns to fire the grenade.

Damage vs. People: 70
Damage vs. Vehicles: 70
Rate of Fire: 1/1s single tap | chargeable
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 8
Charge Time: 1s
Special Features: projectile; knockback; chargeable shot; bounces off walls; detonates against players and vehicles; 3 second fuse; affected by gravity; splash damage; uses separate ammo


Well, since it’s a carbon copy of the Secondary Firing Mode of the Assault Rifle, do what you would do for a single Assault Rifle. A note worth mentioning is that with the Primary Fire Mode now much more effective, you might want to use the grenade less often, since it’s really hard to aim. Reserve it for vehicles and corners.

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