That’s the weapon you’ll be seeing the most, since that’s the one you’ll spawn with every single time (except in Instagib matches). UT2003 veterans will notice that the model has been changed in UT2004. If you don’t like the new model, you can switch it in the “Weapons” tab in the “Options” menu. This is just a plain looking (by Unreal standards) assault rifle. This weapon is just plain bad, so find another one as quickly as you can. Alternatively, you can try and grab another Assault Rifle and fire the two akimbo up your odds a little. But not a lot.

Assault Rifle – Primary Fire Mode

The Primary Fire Mode of the Assault Rifle is a rapid barrage of bullets. Well, rapid is an overstatement and barrage is something of an exaggeration, but it fires fast and does pathetic damage. To top it all off, the accuracy in Primary Fire Mode is atrocious, even at close range. Hell, you’d have trouble hitting the broadside of a barn at 50 paces. That and the 7 damage each bullet does means you really don’t want to use this Fire Mode.

Primary Fire Mode Damage vs. People: 7
Damage vs. Vehicles: 4
Rate of Fire: 60/10s Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 200
Charge Time: N/A
Special Features: instant hit; bullet; spread accuracy; uses separate ammo


Only use this weapon’s primary mode if you have nothing better at hand and even then the Shield Gun is better in tight spaces. However, since it’s not always possible to land a charged Shield Gun hit, there are a few things you can do. Since the battle will be long and hard, you should concentrate living long enough to fight it to the end. Learn to Dodge-Jump and Double-Jump a lot and do it even if you can’t aim that well – you wouldn’t be able to aim that weapon well under any circumstances.

Try to fire from a shorter range to improve accuracy. Also try to run from healthy, heavily armed players and pick on the wounded, weak ones. Or you could hurt someone with a heavy, slow-firing weapon then pull this one and attempt to finish them off, but it’s bad even for that. Don’t even think about shooting at a vehicle with 4 damage per shot. NO POINT. More than that I don’t know. Maybe say a prayer. Or use something else.

Assault Rifle – Secondary Fire Mode

The “almost worthless” Primary Fire’s “almost as worthless, but not quite” twin brother. It’s a rifle grenade that bounces off walls and deals medium damage. The more you charge it, the further it flies. It bounces ridiculously high and far, so keep that in mind. Also, you can’t fire the assault rifle until you can fire another grenade. It will bounce around the map for 3 seconds, or until it meets a player or vehicle, at which point it will explode. It’s good IF you can actually hit anything with it.

Secondary Fire Mode Damage vs. People: 70
Damage vs. Vehicles: 70
Rate of Fire: 1/1s single tap | chargeable
Ammo per Shot: 1
Max. Ammo: 8 Charge Time: 1s
Special Features: projectile; knockback; chargeable shot; bounces off walls; detonates against players and vehicles; 3 second fuse; affected by gravity; splash damage; uses separate ammo


Despite what I have said earlier, the Secondary fire is actually quite good, provided you can hit anything. You’ll want to use it if you’re fighting in a crammed space and your enemy has little room to maneuver. In that situation, aim for a direct hit as the grenade is very likely to bounce right back in your face. In more open areas, try to shoot the grenade so it comes to rest somewhere around your opponent’s feet. That way he’ll lose sight of it and is very likely to trample it while dodging.

Since the rifle grenades bounce off walls, you can try and shoot them around corners. Do this if you know someone is chasing you, or if you know for sure someone is there. If you hear a “boom” sooner than usual, Dodge-Jump around the corner and finish whoever it was the grenade hit off. Alternatively, you can just fire a grenade and emerge shooting to force him to dodge and hopefully step on the grenade. It doesn’t work very often. Or, you could try shooting at vehicles, since they’re harder to miss than people (some vehicles at least) and the grenade does considerably more damage than most other low level weapons.

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