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Using weapons effectively.Weapons in Unreal Tournament 2004 are what you use to kill the enemy. Collect as many as you can, but let your team-mates have some too. Certain weapons are better at doing certain tasks, but, with the exception of the assault rifle, they’re all useful. Learn their strengths and weaknesses, as well as when, where and how to use them. If you can’t use a certain weapon for a job, try another one. Most of the weapons overlap in a lot of their functions.

Below you will find the names of all (ALL) weapons in UT2004, as well as whatever statistics I saw necessary to include. Each weapon’s section is divided into 2 subsections, one for Primary and one for Secondary Fire. If there is a * after a certain statistic, that means there is a note to be made about that certain statistic. You can find one below the statistics for the current Fire mode. If there is a * after the Fire Mode, then that means that the fire mode has a special function which will be explained in the “Introduction” section of that particular Fire Mode. The weapons are arranged as they are in the HUD inventory, starting with the Shield Gun and using “Next Weapon”.

Also, I found that a lot of the Special Features I used to describe weapons are a little hard to understand, so I made the following list.

RECHARGING – Weapon will automatically recharge ammunitions when not in use.
– Weapon can accumulate ammo for a set time for a stronger shot.
– Weapon will not hurt team-mates and allied vehicles even with friendly fire on.
DOES NO DAMAGE – Weapon will cause no damage against anything.
KNOCKBACK – Weapon will knock players back and/or in the air and push light vehicles back.
SCOPED – Weapon has a zoom-scope for a Secondary Fire Mode.
SPLASH DAMAGE – Weapon will cause in an area around the point of impact
CANNOT BE DROPPED – Weapon will not drop on the ground when you die with it equipped.
USES SEPARATE AMMO – Current Fire Mode uses different ammo from the other Fire Mode.
SUPERWEAPON – Weapon deals enormous damage, is rare and can be disabled through the “No Super Weapons” Mutator.

INSTANT HIT – Weapons of this type will hit in the same frame the shot is fired The following characteristics will only appear for instant hit weapons.
BULLET – With each shot, the weapon will fire a bullet, which leaves no trails in the air.
BEAM – With each shot, the weapon will fire a visible beam towards the target.
SPREAD ACCURACY – Weapon is inaccurate and will hit outside the crosshair.
PINPOINT ACCURACY – Weapon will hit exactly in the center of the crosshair.
HEAD SHOT – Weapon will score a head shot for double damage, if it hits a player in the head.
CONTINUOUS – Weapon fires a continuous beam that depletes ammo and deals damage at constant rate.

PROJECTILE – Weapons of this type fire projectiles that take time to reach the target. The following characteristics will only appear for projectile weapons.
AFFECTED BY GRAVITY – Projectile will fall as it travels.
BOUNCES OFF (1) – Projectile will bounce upon contacting (1).
DETONATES AGAINST (1) – Projectile will detonate upon contacting (1).
DETONATES UPON (2) – Projectile will detonate when (2) is true.
STICKS TO (1) – Projectile will stick to (1) upon contact. (3)
SECOND FUSE – Projectile will stay in the field for (3) seconds before exploding.
HOMING – Projectile will veer off its normal course to seek a locked target.
CAN LOCK ON (4) – Weapon can get a lock on (4).
TURNING CURVE – How much a projectile can veer to seek target when homing in on a locked target. If the angle to the target exceeds the projectile’s turning curve, it will lose its lock.
CAN BE SHOT DOWN – Projectile can be destroyed by gunfire.

Where: (1) can be or all of the following: Players, Vehicles, Walls. (2) can be or all of the following: Operator Death, Weapon Loss, Contact, another event. (3) can be any number of seconds. (4) can be one or all of the following: Players, Vehicles, a specific Vehicle.

UT2004 Weapon List

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