UT 2004 Guide Credits

Author: Nero

Original Text Guide Credits – V. 1.4 (9/29/2004)

Brayden McLean – For pointing out some typos I had made and for confirming the Link Gun Secondary Fire Mode pushing vehicles. Also, for giving me a great idea as to how to measure vehicle speeds. Thanks a lot!
Michael Healey – For letting me know each pill gives 2 Adrenaline points, instead of one and pointing out that I can’t spell “lose”. Thanks a lot!
John Rush – For pointing out a boatload of spelling errors I had made. Thanks a lot for your continued support!
Jason Cotton – For additional information about the AVRiL.
Bernd Wolffgramm (from whom I got the e-mail) – For hosting my FAQ on http://www.dlh.net
Richard Clarke – For pointing out that the Grenade Launcher is also available in AS. Thanks a lot!
Daniel Houseward – For pointing out I had forgotten to include the Ball Launcher in the “Weapons” section. I still can’t understand how it slipped my mind. Thanks a lot!
Dale – For pointing out an additional tactic for the Ball Launcher.
Epic Games – For making the original
Unreal Digital Extremes – For making the original Unreal Tournament
GT Interactive – For distributing both of the original games.
Digital Extremes – For making Unreal Tournament 2003
Epic – For making Unreal Tournament 2004
Atari – For distributing both of the UT2000+ games.
Me – Nero – for always being there for me. And a person who did not wish to be credited, but I’ll credit him anyway – For being a nice guy.
And, of course, YOU – For reading.

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