Story of the Unreal Universe

This is just a short summary of what you’re supposed to be doing in UT (single player) as well as a recap on the most important events in the tournament. Also featured here are the past Unreal games and what has changed since the beginning. I will purposely omit Unreal 2 and Expansion pack, since I don’t like them and they have nothing to do with the game at hand.

The plot of UT2004

A long time ago the humans fought a war with the Skaarj, which left their galactic empire in shambles. To assist in the rebuilding of the colonies by calming down enraged colonists, the Liandri Corporation came up with the idea of staging a gladiatorial tournament for the miners. The interest was so high that it grew into a sport, with sponsored teams battling in specially made arenas.

From the very beginning, Xan Kreigor, a robot, reigned as champion in the Tournament, until Malcolm, then leading the team Thunder Crash, defeated him and proceeded to merge with the other popular team at the time – the Iron Guard, lead by Brock. In last year’s tournament, they were defeated by the Juggernauts, lead by gene-boosted monster Gorge.

Xan Kreigor This year, as the Tournament enters its 10th year, Malcolm is back with his old team Thunder Crash and trying to reclaim his title as champion, Brock is back with the Iron Guard and trying for glory of his own and Gorge and the Juggernauts are there to defend their title. Additionally, the Skaarj Empire has sent a team of their own to the tournament in search of honor and glory and ex-champion Xan Kreigor (now simply Xan) has had some modifications and is back to return the title where it belongs. There are other events, but they are not as important, or as interesting.  Oh, and you enter the tournament to give it a shot.

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