Pick-ups in the game (not weapons) come in many forms and shapes. Most of them are directed at defense and will have no DIRECT offensive capacity. Some of them may be more important than others, but they are all important to the good player. You would do well to remember where those items are located and how long it takes for them to respawn. I will include respawn times (only not yet), but for locations you’re on your own. Also remember that not all of them are worth risking your life for, but there are some that are. Those are explained below.

Health Vial

Health VialIt’s a light blue vial that gives 5 health points. Due to their small bonus they are rarely found alone, and are usually in group of 3 or 5. Often very underestimated, health vials can oftentimes turn the tide of battle, since they can raise your health over 100 points. Pick them up whenever you run across them and even take the other way if it has more of these. In fact, whenever you have the time to run around the map, run to a place that has these, unless you’re really low on health. If you pick up Health Vials often enough you can amass quite an impressive amount of health that will serve you well later on.

Health Pack

Health Pack It’s a blue cross that gives 25 health points. Regrettably (but for balance) it won’t raise your health over 100 points. Players usually overlook these when they don’t need them and rarely live long enough to find one when they’re hurt. Remember the locations of all Health Packs and visit them often, even if you’re missing just 10 health points. That way you can accumulate more health through Health Vials and when you DO need Health Packs, you won’t need them that badly. Also, that’s one of the things people will want to pick up in a firefight, so if you notice them going for it, plaster it with whatever you have. It works.

Big Keg O’ Health

Big Keg O HealthIt looks like a big white and blue keg. Upon closer inspection we find it consists of 2 white keg-like parts connected by blue “healing” energy. It gives a massive 100 health that takes you way over the 100 health point limit. If you can take it, take it. It’s worth going out of your way for, it’s worth risking your life for. Hell, take it just so the enemy can’t take it, even if you have over 150 health points. That is, unless another team member needs it more. LEARN where it is and LEARN when it respawns and ALWAYS go for it when it does. It is a HUGE advantage to have that.

Shield Pack

Shield PackLooks like a yellow shield (not surprisingly) and gives 50 armour points. Successive Shield Packs will not raise your armour points over 50, but if you’ve picked up Super Shield Pack (or used Booster) it will add 50 armour points until you reach the 150 armour point limit. Unlike Health Packs, Shield packs are always welcome, since almost always you’ll have use for more armour. However, if you’re low on health you should first heal up, since a shield pack will not stop all damage and 12HP/50AP is a waste. That said, do pick one up even if you don’t need it. That is, unless another team member needs it more. It is worth going out of your way for it, but not risking your life for it. You can manage without it. Again, learn where it spawns and how often and pass by every once in a while. Also, most people will swarm the Super Shield Pack, so the Shield Pack will be less contested. That’s a good thing.

Super Shield Pack

Super Shield PackLooks like a yellow shield with a lightning bolt through it and gives 100 armour points. Successive Super Shield Packs will bring your armour up to 150, and once you pick one up, so will normal Shield Packs. This is a must have. Take it. Go out of your way if you have to. Risk your life if you have to, if only to deny the enemy the opportunity to have it. That is, unless another team member needs it more. As always, remember where it spawns and how long it takes for it to respawn and ALWAYS go to get it if you think it should be there. Be ready though, chances are you won’t be the only one.

Double Damage

Double DamageLooks like the knife from the “U” of the Unreal logo, only double and stripy-purple. It doubles the damage (apparently) of any weapon fired while it’s active and lasts for 30 seconds. One of the 3 most important pick-ups in the game, and one of the 3 pick-ups worth dying for. There is usually only one place on each map where this one spawns, so remember where it is and be there when it’s about to respawn. It’s worth risking (and losing) your life for it, if just to deny the enemy the chance to have it (the UDamage Reward Mutator will cause you to drop it when you die). It’s usually a game-winner in DM and TDM and it can drastically improve your performance in other Game modes as well. Usually, no team-mates will need this more than you, so it’s fare game. Just be sure not to blast yourself with it. Also, it works for vehicle weapons as well.

Adrenaline Pill

Adrenaline Pill It looks like a half-brown, half-white-hex-grid capsule tilted at an angle and gives 2 Adrenaline. They are usually found in groups of 3 or 5. This is another very underrated item that people usually won’t bother with. Keep in mind that 1 kill gives you 5 adrenaline and three Adrenaline Pills give you 6, so it’s wiser to cruise around and pick up pills. It fills up the Adrenaline almost twice as fast. Pick them up whenever you run across them. In fact, whenever you need to get somewhere, or are simply searching for a frag, take the way that has the most of these. Learn the locations of Pill clusters and treat them like an important place to be. But they’re not worth risking your life for, since you can get Adrenaline from many places.

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