Communication in team games is a very important aspect. Even more so with the introduction of a more team-oriented Game Mode, as well as Voice Chat and Text-to-Speech. Even the best of players are still not psychic. They need to know where they are needed. There are several ways to do that. The tried and tested way is to simply “teamsay” to them, but that forces you to stop moving while you type, and the “communicating” animation of your model through that time does little to preserve your life. Furthermore, by the time you’re done, it’s often too late. Another way is through the Voice Menu, which is what all people without a microphone should use. Either use the Voice Menu, or use the Speech Bind option for faster use.

Finally, using Voice Chat tends to produce best results, but is often unreliable due to connection problems and some people’s innate inability to pronounce. It also requires that you provide your own locations, since your location isn’t given when you use Voice Chat. That being said, simply using these communication options without consideration can lead to serious problems. In your efforts to communicate not-all-that-valuable information, make sure you don’t drown out your team-mates pleas for “HELP!!!”. In respect to Voice Chat, do not, I repeat, do NOT have any other sources of loud noise around for your mic to pick up. There’s nothing more annoying than a low quality crappy song by God knows who beating in your headphones while you’re trying to nail that sniper who’s killing your team.

Also, be mindful about using Voice Chat. Crap over the headphones is much less tolerated than crap anywhere else. You can brag, curse, laugh every once in a while, but don’t make a habit of it. When you start getting 10 “shut up” messages every time you speak, you’ll know you’ve crossed the line. That said, any form of communication gives your team a clearer picture of events on the map, and so a clearer picture of what they should do. And people who know what they’re supposed to be doing usually fare better than people who don’t.


Remember, every team Game Mode has an objective. Learn what that objective is and work to achieve it. However, rushing off to do the objective is rarely successful against a coordinated defense. There is strength in numbers, so wait for team-mates to join you in the attack. If they won’t, then you can join THEM for their attack. You don’t always have to be going somewhere to be useful. If everyone’s left and there’s no-one to guard the base, then don’t rush out after them. Instead, stay behind and guard. That is just as useful as attacking, provided there aren’t enough people to do it already.

After a melee, don’t pick up the weapons unless you need them. Your team-mates might be running low on ammo, or have crappy guns, so let them see if there’s something they need. After that, or if no-one is showing interest (or if you really need them), THEN pick them up. Similarly, you can toss strong weapons you don’t need to team-mates who look like they do. You’re not loosing much, but they’re gaining a lot. Listen to orders every once in a while. The person talking might know better than you. Never injure your team-mates on purpose and try to avoid injuring them by accident. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but most times it can.

You should value victory more than your own life. Don’t be afraid to die if it helps your team. Most of the time you’ll be able to respawn right away. In fact, you can suicide when you have the time, to refill your health and spawn closer to the action. Goofing around, neglecting objectives, team-killing and sheer stupidity will hamper your team more than having one player less, so avoid them at all costs. Remember, people expect you to help out. Don’t disappoint them.

And one final point. Learn how to follow the damn arrow in Assault. If you can’t look around. Objectives show through any and all geometry. They’re not really all that hard to find.


To avoid getting angry looks (which you won’t see) and angry insults (which you WILL see), there are a few things you should do. First and foremost, treat all players, team-mates and enemies, nice guys and assholes, nice. Don’t insult people over the smallest detail, don’t make personal threats or demands, and avoid bloody vengeance for every little thing. Everyone can screw up once in a while, so give them a break. If someone insults you, keep a level head and ignore him. If he continues to do so, mute him from the ESC menu. If someone asks you to do something, it’s usually a good idea to do it. It makes him happy and leaves you happy you helped. That is, unless he’s asking you to do something very stupid or very offensive or annoying for other players. Just as well, don’t do any of those things on your own either.

With almost all modes being team-based, not playing in a team is another thing that infuriates people. Try to be part of the team, or at least have a high enough score (which is gained by playing in a team). If they still get angry, defending yourself is pointless, as it’s only likely to cause a conflict. Camping is generally accepted as a natural form of defense, and a form of attack to counter defending campers. However, camping which has NO strategic significance is unacceptable. That includes camping a spawn point, camping a weapon site, camping a busy way. Those things will earn you insults from your team for not cooperating and insults from the enemy for being cheap. Another thing to note is that in team-games, frags account for very little. You may have the highest frags and still be the useless bastard of the team. Concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing and you’ll have a higher score.

Also spamming long pointless messages like “wwwwwwwwwwwww”, so that the Text-to-Speech would spend LITERALLY 10 minutes saying “dublju” is a sure way to make everyone hate you. In a few words: don’t do things that would annoy you, and listen to what the team has to say and you’ll be alright.

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