Basic Movement


(Directional Buttons)
Obviously, that’s what you’ll be doing most of the time to get around. More importantly, you will use it in battle. “A moving target is harder to hit” is no joke. You stand around and you’ll eat rockets or shrapnel. Strafe around your enemy, but change directions every now and then to avoid becoming predictable. However, keep in mind that there are faster ways to get around on foot, as well as better ways to dodge in combat. Also note the game has no “walk” button.


(Jump Button)
Despite what you might think, this is next to useless. A single jump is too low, too slow and too predictable. Only use it if the ceiling is too low or there is a chance of getting caught on the ornaments above you. It could sometimes also be used for Wall-Jumps, but not all that often. Whenever possible, use Double-Jump.


(Double-tap Jump Button)
Now we’re getting somewhere. A very useful maneuver and one that should become second nature to you. Whenever there is enough room for, chain your normal Jump into a Double-Jump. There is a small trick here, though, as you need to press the second jump BEFORE you start descending, or it won’t work. The Double-Jump has a lot of uses, including reaching high places, but the most important one is surviving in combat. The saying “an airborne target is harder to hit” is very true in this case. But in addition it also puts you really high from the ground, which lets you fire your rockets at a greater angle against the ground, which makes aiming the Rocket Launcher so much easier. Do not rest easy though, as the Double-Jump moves horizontally very slowly and a good player can still tell where you are going to land and give you a three-rocket cushion to land on, or simply a face-full of flak.


(Crouch Button)
Crouching is a very underrated move, even by those that use it. The idea that you have to be always on the move would seem to leave little time for crouching. Well, what few players understand is that in team games not all people have to “go do something”. There is still the need for people to stay back in base and defend. In this respect, the crouch is perfect for sniping from behind a boulder or a low fence, or concealing yourself on high ledges. Mostly you want to hide your torso – a bad sniper’s primary target and a good sniper’s average target – behind a piece of geometry. Trust me, there are a lot of places to do that. Additionally, it provides a means of looking through a hole in the floor. Simply duck, step back a bit and you can see (and snipe in) a lot more of the room below. Also, you will not fall over edges while crouched, so that’s useful for making sure you don’t fall off a small ledge while sniping.


(Directional buttons, Jump and Crouch Buttons, Mouse)
Driving with style.For goodness sake, people! Learn how to drive! Throttle and Break/Reverse is done with the forward and backward Directional Buttons, steering left and right is done with the Left and Right Directional Buttons. The camera (and weapon) is controlled with the Mouse. Additionally, some vehicles have a handbrake or jump, which is done with the Jump key. There are a few simple rules for driving: KNOW where you’re going; WATCH the road, unless you HAVE to look the other way; try NOT to run over teammates that you come across; if there are teammates around you approach them – they may want a ride.

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