Basic Gunfire


(Primary Fire Button and Secondary Fire Button)
As in all Unreal games, in UT2004 all weapons have 2 Firing Modes, dubbed Primary and Secondary. Which is which can be set from the options menu, under “Weapons” with the checkbox “Switch Firing Mode”. The two Fire Modes of a single weapon may, or may not have anything in common and are usually good for different things. More than that is weapon-specific, so I’ll get into detail later on. Just learn what fire mode is good for what and don’t make a fool out of yourself. The same goes for vehicles.


It may sound intensely stupid, but learn how to aim. Most people are fairly accurate when standing still, but can’t hit the broadside of a barn when running. Take time to practice your marksmanship. And remember – crouching does NOT improve your aim and running does not hamper it. Learn to fire from moving vehicles. There’s a good reason the moving direction of the vehicles is not directly attached to the camera direction. That allows you to do drive-by’s, which usually makes you harder to hit. “A moving target is harder to hit”, remember? If the vehicle can jump and strafe, use those too.


(Weapon Select Buttons)
For some reason, the guys at Atari never updated the HUD to display more than 10 weapons at a time, while there are about 16 now. As a result, what you see is not always what you have. Yes, when you have two weapons that occupy the same slot, that slot will have an effect on it to signify this, but it’s not readily apparent and you can miss it very easily. Try to remember what you have in case you need it. This is most important for the AVRiL. It occupies the same slot as the Rocket Launcher, so if you have an AVRiL, use it. Don’t go about improvising.


Most weapons in the game have splash damage on at least one of their Firing Modes and the Flak Cannon shrapnel ricochets off wall. Be careful when Double-Jumping and Dodge-Jumping, so as not to end up shooting at a beam or a doorframe right in front of you after the jump. Try to avoid shooting splash damage weapons at people in your face whenever possible.

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