Advanced Movement


(Double-tap any Directional Button)
The reason something this easy to do is in Advanced, is that you SOULDN’T do it. It’s slow, it’s short and it has a nasty recharge time (the time it takes before you can do another dodge). It really doesn’t cover all that much distance, nor does it do it very quickly. In almost every situation, you’d be better off using a Dodge-Jump. A possible exception is the case of insufficient space, where you’re fighting on a narrow platform with lava/acid/bottomless pit to the sides, or in low gravity, where the Dodge-Jump covers TOO much distance. Generally, avoid this move in favor of the Dodge-Jump. Also, do NOT dodge uphill or up the stairs. It DOESN’T work.


(Double-tap any Directional Button then hit the Jump Button)
Again, we’re getting somewhere. The Dodge-Jump is everything the Dodge is, but better. It moves much faster, goes much further and can actually be used to get from place to place faster. There are a few ways you can use the Dodge-Jump. The most obvious (I suppose) is for faster travel. Actually, that’s what you’ll want to use most of the time, unless you’re climbing a hill or stairs, or have to make a sharp turn. The Dodge-Jump is plagued by the same recharge as the simple dodge, so adjust your dodge timing. The second, and much more useful (and harder) way to use Dodge-Jump is in combat. The most common way is Dodge-Jumping to the side. That will put you away from most splash damage (possibly excluding the Shock Combo), while giving you time to act. Most players will lose sight of you for a moment and even those that don’t will have a hard time aiming at something moving that fast. Provided you can aim while doing it, you’ll usually get the upper hand. Just be mindful of your surroundings – don’t Dodge-Jump in the corner, onto jagged geometry or into traps – and watch the recharge time – you can’t do them one after the other. Another useful technique is to Dodge-Jump forward, into the enemy’s fire. It may sound crazy, but it works against the rocket launcher. The enemy will usually aim at your feet, while you fly over the rocket and end up in his face, Flak Cannon in hand. Just watch it, OK? Finally, Dodge-Jumping backwards is a smart move. If you have the flag and want to kill your tail, turn around and shoot. But don’t forget (like many players), that you can still Dodge-Jump away from the enemy, while laying a carpet of covering fire.


(While airborne and near a wall, double-tap Directional Button away from it.)
Immensely useful. Especially given the fact that you can do it after a double jump. The sole purpose of this move is to avoid landing on rockets and bombs. Even the best of player oftentimes find themselves Double-Jumping into wall in the heat of battle and end up sitting on rockets. What few of them do is Wall-Jump. It covers a lot of ground, moves quickly AND it extends your Double-Jump. Actually, it’s smart to double-jump INTO walls, since that gives you an ace up your sleeve. It puts you where the enemy won’t expect and puts you there before he can aim (most of the time). Just be mindful of the surroundings. Wall-Jumping is not recommended in crammed spaces, since you slam in the opposite wall and just sort of hang there for a while. It is also not recommended with traps around, since you can’t really aim it. Finally, don’t do it if the ceiling is too low or too jagged.

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