Adrenaline and Adrenaline Combos

Adrenaline is used for Adrenaline Combos. You gain adrenaline by grabbing Adrenaline pick-ups, killing your opponents, receiving rewards such as Multi Kills, Killing Sprees and Special Awards, as well as securing objectives (such as capturing flags and scoring goals). Once it reaches 100, you can activate an Adrenaline Combo by doing the Combo move. Those moves are specific for each Combo and are given below. Once you activate a Combo, it will drain your adrenaline at a constant rate until it runs out, at which point the Combo will end. You can still gain Adrenaline while a combo is active and that will increase its duration. If you are killed with a combo active you will lose all your available Adrenaline.

There are 4 Adrenaline combos, plus an additional 2 through a Mutator, called Extra Combos. I will use the following abbreviations when stating Combo moves: F = move forward, B = move back, L = strafe left, R = strafe right. Also, I will explain the Game Modes for which each Adrenaline Combo is most useful, as well as some basic strategies. For more detailed strategies, see each Game Mode’s section. For information on how much Adrenaline you gain for awards, see Awards in section 11. Miscellaneous. For information on how much Adrenaline you gain for completing objectives, see each Game Mode’s objectives.

Speed – (F F F F)

Most useful for: Bombing Run, Capture the Flag Upon activation, you will hear the announcer say “Speed” and your feet will glow yellow and you will also leave yellow trails. This Combo will effectively double your movement speed and the height of all your jumps, but it will gobble up adrenaline like crazy. Speed is the most Adrenaline hungry Combo and it will only last for a few seconds before your Adrenaline runs out. Still it’s a good idea to use when you have the Ball in BR and you’re on the home stretch, or you need to clear a large gap or jump on a high platform to reach the goal. It’s useful in the same respect in CTF, but since you can fight back with the flag in your hands, there are other Combos that are more useful. Speed is next to worthless in any other mode.

Booster – (B B B B)

Most useful for: Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag Mutant, Invasion, Last Man Standing Upon activation, you will hear the announcer say “Booster” and you will start emitting Green “+” sprites. Your health will start rising by 5 per second, until it reaches 199. Then, your armour will start rising by 5 per second, until it reaches 150. At that point the booster will stop having any effect until your health or armour drops, or until you run out of Adrenaline. But getting to 150/199 is a rare occurrence. Use it in DM to give yourself a longer lifespan and thus more frags, but only activate it when you’re high on health to avoid being killed before the Booster can make a difference. However, in DM, there are other Combos that are just as useful, so don’t concentrate on Booster alone. This combo is used in TDM just as it is used in DM. For CTF, start the combo a while before you get to the flag location. That’ll give you a sufficient boost by the time you meet the defenders and a much better chance to take the flag. Also, it will make your escape easier, since you’ll be harder to kill. Alternatively, Speed can be used in this case. In MU (Mutant) you can use it to become the Mutant, but the Mutant is strong enough to turn you into mincemeat regardless of your health, so you’d be better off using Berserk. In INV (Invasion) it is the best Combo you can use, since it will preserve your life better and that’s what INV is all about. And when the health on the map is all taken and monsters have boxed you in, it can make all the difference. In LMS (Last Man Standing) you could use it in the same way you would in INV. It’s what will keep you alive until the end.

Berserk – (F F B B)

Must useful for: All game modes Upon activation, you will hear the announcer say “Berserk” and brown lines will start circling around you. All your weapons will fire twice as fast as they normally do while the combo is active. In DM and TDM respectively it is a very big help, since that will give you an edge over almost anyone and with a rapid-firing Rocket Launcher you can do miracles. Just be careful not to blow yourself up. And in TDM try not to blow up your team-mates. In DOM it’s just as useful, since it will allow you to kill attackers before they ruin your domination and it can also be used for attack to ruin THEIR domination and to clear Control Points. In BR it gives you an easier time in stopping the Ball Carrier before he can make a pass, or get to him THROUGH his defenders. In CTF it is used just as in BR, but you can also use it to protect yourself when escaping with the flag. In MU it is the power-up of choice, since it is easier to kill the Mutant with Berserk than it is with Booster. In INV and LMS it is fairly useful because killing your opponents is directly connected to your own survival in those modes, but Booster is still recommended.

Invisibility – (R R L L)

Most useful for: Death Match, Team Death Match, Double Domination, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing Upon activation, you will hear the announcer say “Invisible” and your in-game skin will be replaced with an almost transparent ghost. You’re not COMPLETELY invisible, but it takes an eagle eye to see you, and in the heat of battle people will only see your projectiles. It’s infuriatingly hard to aim at something you can just barely make out. In DM it is among the most useful Combo, since it gives you kills almost for free. Few people will be able to see you and fewer still will be able to aim, thus giving you a tremendous advantage. In TDM it’s a little different, since you can suffer from collateral damage and eat rockets and shrapnel that were never meant for you. People are surprisingly accurate when they’re not aiming at you. Still you can activate Invisibility and go solo, so it’s still good. In DOM you can use it to slip by the enemy’s defense and disrupt their domination, but not a lot else. People there are usually armed to the teeth and won’t let you keep the Control Point. You can still keep them busy for a while, until tour team mates come to back you up, but that’s it. In CTF you can use it to sneak into the enemy base and steal their flag when they’re not looking, but the Invisibility won’t hide the flag or the glow, so you’ll have to provide your own escape. In LMS Invisibility will buy you some more time to live, but not quite as much as Booster.

Extra Combos Mutator

Pint Sized – (L L L L)

Most useful for: Screwing around Upon activation, you will hear the announcer say “Pint Sized” and your character model will shrink by about half, but your weapon will not. That “should” make it harder for people to hit you, but weapons with splash damage are largely unaffected. Still, it’s incredibly hilarious to watch a 3 feet tall midget run around with a HUGE Minigun. Can’t say I have any practical use for it, though, since the default Combos are better.

Camouflage – (R R R R)

Most useful for: Screwing around Upon activation, you will hear the announcer say “Camouflaged” and a piece of world geometry will appear over your character. It will be anything from a large rock to a structural ornament, to a piece of wall. If you stand still and don’t look around, you SHOUL be able to blend in with the map. For those that don’t know the map, that is. It may be good for camping, but I can’t see any real use for it, other than the fact it turns you into a walking cinderblock.

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