Game Play Concepts

Screenshot14Here, I will give you a complete overview of all you need to do to become a good UT2004 player. The basics include moving, shooting, thinking, team coordination, as well as a few other things.


I will divide this section into two parts – basic and advanced, since there are things people are comfortable with and some things (the more important ones) that people will have a hard time getting used to.

Basic MovementAdvanced Movement


Again, I will divide this section in two parts – basic and advanced. Basic consists of thing that every player should know, lest they be laughed at and ridiculed in every game they enter. Advanced consists of more interesting things, the kind that makes the game into an art.

Basic GunfireAdvanced Gunfire


Here is a (relatively) short explanation on how to play well in a team. Those of you who think they already know how to play in a team – stop thinking and read on. Even if it all seems downright obvious, read it anyway. There are some finer points here that you’d do well to at least pay attention to.

Adrenaline & Combos

This section will cover the use of Adrenaline along with the combos you can trigger via key combos to provide various benefits.

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