Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004Unreal Tournament 2004 Guide brings Unreal tournament into the realm of next-generation games. The key difference is the addition of the Onslaught game mode, together with vehicles. In UT2004, more than in any other Unreal game, teamwork is essential. This time around, you MUST play as a well organized team, or suffer a “Humiliating Defeat”. Solo action will very rarely cut it, even if it “sorta” fits into the general strategy of the team. The vastly increased amount of tactical options, as well as the vastly decreased margin for error, means that the game now requires a different kind of determination. You will need to be more selfless, more ruthless and more disciplined than ever before. That is, if you really want to win. If you want to just goof around and have fun then do so, but the team probably won’t like it.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Guide Index

Essential Files

These are files you really should download pretty much right after installing the game considering they either fix significant issues or add official content to the game that will be covered within this guide.


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